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Which wood flooring option is best for your bedroom?

The choice of flooring for your bedroom is purely a personal matter. But we see that most homeowners opt for carpets as their bed room flooring options. Though the traditional flooring choice for bedrooms is the carpet, the new trend among homeowners is to ditch it and look for other flooring options, because carpets tend to stain and wear away quickly. From hardwoods (both solid and engineered) to cork, there are a handful of choices for your bedroom. Here we have highlighted a few.

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Add several thousand pounds to the value of your home with Walnut Flooring

Do you want to enhance the look of your room with high quality hardwood floor? If yes, then have you ever thought of investing in walnut flooring??? Well Walnut hardwood is one the most versatile and admired hardwood flooring options. Known for its beauty and durability, walnut wood is an ideal match for a variety of settings. Walnut flooring is often recommended as the best choice for front room flooring. Walnut flooring will lend a unique one of a kind look your floor with its natural look and deep, chocolate color.

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Fall in love with the artistic look and rustic texture of Slate Flooring…

OK, even if we are doing wooden flooring only, we want to share our opinion about slate flooring with you guys. Slate flooring is actually fantastic flooring option! Since time immemorial, slate has been used as a flooring material. With its fine grains and a vast array of colors, slate tile has been in use for centuries. This type of flooring is not for all of course. In the past slate was commonly used for exterior purposes such as building exteriors, pathways and walkways, but today, slate is extensively and successfully used in indoor flooring.

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10 Solid Reasons to Choose Wood Flooring

Wood is beautiful and imparts warmth and value to your home. Wooden floors have been in vogue for a very long time and modern technological innovations have made wooden floors available in various finishes and colours that last for a very long period. Wooden flooring is so popular that many home owners are installing wooden flooring even in their bathrooms! Below are 10 reasons that I am sure will make you consider wooden flooring for your home.

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Does wooden flooring harm the environment?

When doing the interior of our home we make sure to use the most durable and eco friendly materials because apart from looking beautiful we want them to last long and want them to be easy to maintain. A lot of people are conscious about the environment and are always looking for environment friendly products for their home. We don’t want to harm nature and let me assure you that wooden flooring has minimum impact on the environment. Efficient and proper forest management has made wooden flooring a renewable flooring material. Wood can be used without causing any imbalance to the environment since trees can be replanted to prevent any damage to the nature.

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The most popular choices of wood species for hardwood flooring (VIDEO)

Hardwood flooring is a very popular trend and there are a wide range of wood species available for flooring. Each has its set of advantage and disadvantages and each home has different requirements. Wooden flooring is a major investment and you need to select the wood based on your individual needs and budget. Learning about the characteristics of each species helps you to pick the right one effortlessly and efficiently.

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Wooden Flooring: All about Pet Scratches, Stains and Slipping

A lot of home owners who have pets are sceptic about installing Hardwood flooring for their homes. There is a common notion that pets and wooden flooring cannot co exist. Well the good news is you don’t have to give up on wooden flooring because of your adorable pets, with a few tricks and treats you can make sure that your pets and flooring feel gel in amicably!

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Bamboo Flooring - The Latest Trend in Flooring

We all know how versatile bamboo can be - it is used for making decorative items, for building houses in waterlogged regions, for making exquisite pieces of furniture, it is even used as an ingredient in exotic dishes! But did you ever consider that the quintessential bamboo could also be used to make flooring? Well, believe it, because bamboo flooring is not just the latest trend in the flooring industry but it is increasingly being seen as a sustainable and greener alternative to natural flooring like hardwood and artificial wood laminates.

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Tips to renovating Hardwood Floors

Wood floors always tend to add beauty to your house with their ravishing look if they are maintained well. A good wood floor reveals the age of your house so you should always make sure to maintain it well and renovate it timely to give it a long life. So why always hide the real beauty of your house by putting up carpets on them? Better is to renovate your wood floor and make it eye catching for anyone who visits your house.

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