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Two major types of Wood Flooring - Solid and Engineered (VIDEO)

Deciding on what wood flooring type you should install in your home or office, can be very difficult. So to make it easy for you, we have decided to make a video for you with accurately detailed information on two major types of wood flooring - solid wood and engineered wood. In this video we are talking about two major types of wood floors, the Pros and Cons of each type and also what you need to know before making your final decision.

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Wooden Flooring Trends of 2015

Wooden flooring is today an intrinsic part of a home’s design just like most other aspects of interior design. It continues to be a trendy and worthy pick for homeowners, whether they're constructing a new house or planning a home renovation. Every homeowner has a different taste when it comes to decor and color choices. And since you are going to be living and spending a lot of your time at home it is best to pick the trends that suit you.

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Parquet Flooring: The Classy and Versatile Décor from the 16th Century

Parquet flooring is an exceptional class of wooden flooring that could right away give a beautiful make over for your home or office. This form of flooring became a trend in France in the 1600’s as an alternate to marble flooring and has been popular the whole time because of its splendor and flexibility to adapt to any condition. Parquet flooring is produced by weaving blocks of wood like a mosaic. Each parquet floor is an independently designed work of art that adds glamour and a traditional touch to any property.

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Hardwood Flooring for Your Home

There is definitely something to be said about a living space that has wooden flooring. It brings back the natural without looking old fashioned. Even though wooden floorings have been around for centuries, they have a way of mixing with any decor and any type of interiors. And if you bring in the fact that they are not only an environmentally responsible option, but also one of the most durable ones, then you already have a winner on hands. With the multitude of wooden floorings available in the market nowadays, and each one as attractive as the next, one would really be spoiled for choice.

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Engineered Wood – Why it could be a Good Choice?

Engineered wood is a relatively newer option which is wood yet does not have the disadvantages of hardwood. It has gained popularity as a worthy alternative to hardwood floors and in the last few years more and more owners have chosen engineered wood floors to make their homes beautiful. To know why engineered wood is an interesting choice, we will first have to know what engineered wood is made of.

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Wood Flooring Options – What will you Choose?

If wood flooring has always fascinated you, know that you are not alone. In a class of its own, wood flooring imparts an old world charm to the décor without looking outdated. One of the most popular forms of natural flooring which has also stood the test of time, wood flooring has followers all over the world who admire its organic origins, its longevity and its earthy beauty. But did you know how many types of wood floorings are out there? The popularity of such floorings has brought many variants to the market, some real and some not-so-real. It is important to know of the pros and cons of various types of wood and substitutes available before you make your final choice.

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RUSTIC flooring - the vintage styles of yesterday redefined in the modern era!

Old is gold; isn’t it? Wouldn’t you love to have a wooden floor with natural warmth and a vintage flair? Yes! Indeed rustic wood flooring trend is gaining popularity all over the world. Today more and more homeowners prefer, flooring techniques that feel authentic and familiar, that are hand-crafted, or that reveal a vintage flair. Be it engineered hardwood or solid hardwood flooring, the grade that is becoming popular amongst people is the rustic grade or the farmhouse grade. Rustic style is filled with simplicity, organic textures and shapes that reflect natural warmth and a unique feeling of home.

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Bring new life to your home with Parquet Flooring

If you want to bring out the inherent beauty of the wood grain in your floor, and not compromise on the hardness and other general characteristics of a typical hardwood floor, you should give Parquet flooring a try. It is type of hardwood flooring where small hardwood tiles are arranged in various geometric shapes like rectangles, triangles, lozenges, though stars and sun effects are also commonly found. In fact the most popular design is arguably the herringbone pattern. Find out more about this type of floor...

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Bamboo Flooring: A green, durable choice of flooring

In these environmentally conscious times, renewable flooring sources are preferred over many others. With bamboo flooring, you can count on the performance of a naturally durable and beautiful product, which means greater cost efficiency for your home project. Green flooring doesn't mean losing all of the other benefits which you've come to expect in quality floors. Bamboos are slowly turning out to be the front runner in the sustainable flooring market.

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