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13 most Liked Hardwood flooring trends for 2017

For ages, hardwood floors have been gracing several homes, mansion and even places through their unmatched natural beauty. The hardwood floor is very durable and their sheen is appreciated throughout the world. A Hardwood floor can fundamentally create a value of your home since it is great, prompts a warm ambiance to any room.

Every year several flooring companies publish the trends for that particular year. So, you must be wondering what would be Hardwood flooring trends for 2017? Here we have made a list of the 13 Hardwood floors which are likely to be in trend in the year 2017-

Go wide with plank hardwood floors - Wider hardwood flooring keeps on being a standout amongst the most well known trends of this year as the remain extremely popular with the shoppers. It makes the deception that your space is bigger and expansive as compared to slender hardwoods installation. The wide plank hardwood floors are generally longer also, making an even stream with fewer breaks, all through any room. The installation style varies, yet these planks can be introduced on a level plane, corner to corner and vertically relying upon the vision of the home owner. The slender planks are still popular among buyers, yet the wide plank hardwood floors are surely trending in 2017.

The Cooler-brown combination Hardwood floor trends for 2017

The trend towards cooler -brown hues are much more in style as compared to the red tones. The bold red tones of old fashioned hardwoods tend to put buyers off. The cooler tones are easier to decorate as they give you more opportunities to paint colors, install furniture and stuff the room with pillows.

Grey Hardwood Flooring

The grey hardwood flooring are the most liked trends of 2017.The utilization of dark stains highlights the natural magnificence of the wood.

Only Grey

The demand for grey hardwood floors keeps on expanding. Some lean towards lighter grays and other incline toward darker grays. The mix of dark and lighter grays in also in fashion.

Satin and matte finishes

The shiny finish floors are unquestionably out. They are outdated and unfeasible as they highlight the gouges, scratches and dirt more. The reasonable inclination is for satin which is considerably subdued. It has a lower shine which tends to conceal defects more. With the upswing in water based poly, alongside grays and white washes, matte finishes are also getting popular. The satin and matte finish Hardwood flooring is trend of 2017.

The Oiled floors

Oiled floors are a fairly recent marvel but they've turned out to be more prominent in past few years. Most oiled floors utilize linseed or tung oil, or a combo of the two. Some even utilize safflower, soy, sunflower or hemp. A few formulas also utilize pitch as waxes, for example, honey bees wax or carnuba for higher durability. Besides durability, easy maintenance of oiled Hardwood floor will surely keep them in the trend in 2017.

The wire brushed floors

Wire brushed floors have paved their way to fame in recent years. These floors are carved with an exquisite surface to improve the graining of the wood. The wire brushing technique pulls the delicate grain from the developing ring leaving the heart wood presented to the surface. It’s jazzy at the same time it gives protection against regular wear and tear (and soil). The wire brushed Hardwood flooring trends for 2017 as they give a real vintage look to any room.

Chevron (over herringbone) Pattern

Chevron is the more contemporary adaptation of crisscrossed wood. Herringbone gives a more classical look where as Chevron offers more angular and activity oriented look. Both of these patterns will be the highlights of year, 2017.

Farmhouse and weathered planks

There's been a general super trend to come back of the past and simple times. We've seen this in stylistic layout, particularly in kitchens (think French Country kitchens) where many need to have a friendlier approach – one that encourages correspondence and diminishes custom.

The farmhouse style (or shabby chic) gives a natural and time worn look. This gives a feeling of style, additionally demands less maintenance. The floors actually have more features (in shading, surface, mineral streaks and graining) so they disguise scratches. With these qualities they will surely be Hardwood flooring trends for 2017.

American vs exotic

Yes, the trend of purchasing local and home developed woods in on. Oak is the most well known, sensibly priced and timeless flooring material. It’s attracts home buyers as it conceals soil and scratches easily and it's simple to sand and resurface. Maple, pine and hickory are likewise prevalent.

Maple is equally popular with individual who are interest in light North American look. And coming to pine and hickory, this is attracting people who are looking for rustic look with lots of color variation among the boards and lots of knotting for an old world style.

Natural wood floor

Natural hardwoods are trending in this year. Many homeowners are opting to let the natural beauty of their floors shine through, rather than opting to cover them up with stains or finishes that obscure the natural hues and colors of the floor.

Eco-friendly floor finishes

In the recent years, the flooring industry has adjusted to developing customer worries about the eco-friendliness and safety of home improvement items, including hardwood floor finishes. So, hardwood flooring made out of eco-friendly stuff will be in trend in 2017.

Fashion of high quality/longer lasting and more sustainable wood

As more individuals think about the environment, there is apparent growing trend towards more sustainable wood and ensuring that these floors last more. There is a solid inclination towards strong woods, as they will last for a century or more, and towards woods that will hold up better. As the economy enhances gradually, and as more affordable products are uncovered. So, many home buyers to do not mind paying more to get a wood or finishes .The maintenance cost of these floors are less. People are getting more wise now, and understand the idea of "you get what you pay for" particularly as a portion of the cheap woods originating from China simply don't hold up well, and many have glues are laced with formaldehyde. Many are going for higher quality woods, regardless of the possibility that they will be remodeling a small portion of the house.

These kinds of hardwood flooring have always remained in trend and will continue to do so in 2017 as well.

There you have it – hardwood flooring trends for 2017. Hopefully, these trends will considerably achieve greater fame throughout the following couple of years. A few have been developing for 10 years or more and some are fairly new trends.

While it's great to realize what the patterns are, it's more imperative that you adore your hardwood floors, and you do what you cherish and what works best with the style and decor theme of your home. All homes are distinctive, and everybody's taste is distinctive. So, follow your instinct and make a call. Furthermore, do not forget, hardwood is always on trend… so you can’t go wrong with them.

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