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Timber flooring or hardwood floors have an ageless quality that is appreciated all around the world.

Gathering information about installing a wooden floor or researching the options to restore and repair your existing floor can be overwhelming. Below you will find useful information about the Benefits of Wooden Flooring and also How to Choose Your Flooring Professional.

Armed with this information you will be able to make easier choices and better decisions to achieve the best wooden flooring results.

Benefits of Wooden Flooring

Natural Warmth

There is something very special using natural materials in your home. It brings warmth into each room, which is something industrial or designer materials cannot provide. Installing wooden flooring is a great way to invite nature inside. It is the one component of interior design that truly finishes off internal spaces and brings life and coziness to your home.

Many Options, Range of Species, Colours and Grains

When you decide to get a wooden floor there are many options available to you. Timber comes in many species, colours, varying grades and different hardness. You can also choose the width and length of the boards to suit your style and design. Depending on the timber species you choose for your floor, there are often several grades available. You may prefer a grade with a lot of natural features like knots, gum vein and insect markings or want to take advantage of a smoother grade to show off the colour of the timber.

Strong & Long lasting

Harwood flooring is one of the most cost effective and versatile flooring options you can choose. It provides outstanding value for money, even lasting as long as buildings itself! Have you ever stepped into an old building and admired the floor? Many wooden floors in those buildings are still in excellent condition even after being laid in the early part of the 1900s. Imagine the generations of people who have walked on those floors.

Great to Live on

Unlike concrete or tiles, wooden floors are soft and warm to walk on even in winter. It is resilient and provides natural insulation benefits which ensure that they are easy and comfortable to live on. A well installed wooden floor also provides better acoustics, without any vibrations or hollow sounds.

Clean & Low Maintenance

Wooden floors have amazing health benefits compared to carpets and other flooring options. Timber is hypo-allergenic and does not trap dirt, promote breeding of germs or bacteria or retain smells or stains. These floors are very easy to clean and require low maintenance to keep them in the best condition.

Eco-Friendly & Sustainable

When you are deciding on wooden flooring you can choose eco-friendly options by selecting renewable or recycled timbers. Renewable timbers are now widely available and are becoming more and more popular. When you decide to use recycled timbers your home will benefit from the unique characteristics and background of these timbers.

Easy Installation

Wooden flooring can be laid over existing timber floors or on top of concrete. Quality hard wood floors are engineered to have a uniform and stable fit which makes installation (for those with experience) fairly straight-forward. However, wooden floors pick up moisture from the air, and expand or contract accordingly. This means that it is of vital importance to install wooden floors properly with enough space between the boards to avoid problems.

Increase the Re-Sale Value of your Home

While the initial investment of getting a wooden floor installed might be more than other flooring options initially, in the long run a wooden floor will turn out to be a great investment. Not only will a hardwood or timber floor last longer, when it is time to sell your home you will find that such a floor will increase the value of your home and your home will sell faster. Wooden floors are the most sought after flooring option in renovations and new home builds. If your home already has one, you will providing exactly what most potential buyers are looking for.

How to Choose your Flooring Professional

With so many choices in Flooring Companies it is vital to be able to select the right company. Not all flooring companies are what they claim to be, or can complete your project to the standards or quality you require. To be able to pick the best suited flooring professionals for your home it is key to gain information about the quality of work, reliability, guarantees, service and workmanship standards.


Before you even contact a flooring company we recommend you take time to read customer reviews about their business. You can often find these on the company’s website and also on independent consumer driven review sites. When you type in the name of the business into a search engine (Google, Bing) you can find valuable information which will help you to make your decision to enquire and hire (or not) much easier.


Another way to gain information about a flooring company is to request references with any quote that is given. Ideally the flooring company who is quoting on your project should pro-actively provide these, however not many companies do. These references should include the name of the person, the type of job, when it was completed, in what area and a phone number. We strongly recommend you contact 2 or 3 previous clients to find out more about the company you are considering to for the installation of your hardwood flooring, flooring repairs or floor sanding. Those 2 or 3 phone calls will only take a few minutes each but could save you a lot of money and trouble down the track if you get your decision wrong.

If you are considering a project which is large, highly technical and requiring a lot of attention to detail we suggest you visit previous clients to see the quality of the work first-hand and talk directly with those clients about the standards of service, responsiveness and their overall experience. A wooden floor can be a significant investment, the time spent on good research and reference checks will pay off in you getting the wooden floor you dream about.


Besides a detailed quote and proposal it is important you obtain a written confirmation of any guarantees your flooring provider will provide. If they claim to provide a life-long guarantee, find out what this means and what is covered by the guarantee. Often there are clauses attached to guarantees which make it hard to claim any repairs or replacements for faulty work or low quality products.

Responsiveness & Service

Most companies are very quick to answer phone calls and emails when they are in the running to gain you as a client. Once the contracts are signed this can become a completely different story. Choosing a company with a strong vision for customer service, exceeding expectations and high standards of workmanship is most often the best choice. Companies that have a strong customer focus are not always the cheapest, but selecting them as your provider will ensure you get the service you want and the flooring solutions that match your requirements.


As in any trade, experience can make the difference between an average result or an outstanding result. Would you rather have someone who is fresh out of trade school install or repair your floor or trust a specialist with years and years of experience and knowledge? When you hire a flooring company, check their experience and also find out who is actually going to be laying or repairing your floor. A company can claim to have decades of experience, but they might still send a rookie to complete your project.


Workmanship is a fairly old term and it is not often used anymore. However, in our eyes workmanship is the cornerstone of good service and delivering the outcomes our client’s desire. Good workmanship is about creating beautiful and high quality flooring solutions, combined with friendly service, outstanding customer care, clean and flexible working processes and excellent communication. When you are considering hiring a flooring company, make sure to ask questions about worksmanship, how you will be valued as a client and the drive and passion for creating amazing wooden floors.

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